Our Services

Primavera Consultoria offers a range of customized services and tools to help individual entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, corporate institutes and other groups to grow their businesses or programs, improve efficiency and increase social and economic impact.

Micro and small businesses generate over 25% of Brazil´s GDP (Sebrae 2011).  Considering that women represent nearly 30% of these businesses (Gem 2012), it makes sense to invest in women´s enterprise development to enhance income generation, job creation and long term sustainability. Not only do families and communities benefit, but the overall economy is strengthened by women entrepreneurs’ contribution.

To this end Primavera provides the following services:

  • Training program design and implementation so women entrepreneurs may aquire the know-how necessary to develop their businesses

  • Connect women-owned businesses to corporate supply chains so they may grow their businesses

  • Promote networking events

  • Research and publications

Brazil is one of the largest economies in the world, yet is one of the worst in terms of income distribution. This inequality extends beyond income and into access to education, health care, nutrition, infrastructure, culture and a wide range of other factors that influence socio-economic inclusion, a right of all Brazilian citizens and key to the political and economic stability of the country.

Primavera supports organizations, both nonprofits and social enterprises, that are working on the ground to ensure equal opportunities to all Brazilians through the following services:

  • Analysis and training in budgeting, operational efficiency, strategic planning, business/action planning, financial sustainability and business model innovation

  • Research and publications

It is in the private sector´s interests to operate in, hire from and sell into a healthy society and economy as well as maintain harmonious relationships with its stakeholders including neighboring communities.  Poorly managed programs may generate  financial and reputational costs that far outweigh investments in social impact programs over the long term. The private sector can leverage its infrastructure, intellectual and financial capital to make significant, lasting social contributions that benefit society at large.

Primavera partners with the private sector to help empower communities and other stakeholders via:

  • Program analysis, program design and action planning

  • Training internal staff to manage these programs effectively